Namib Adventure
Guided tours that take you on an adventure of a life time. 

Hi my name is Richard, I have had the privilege of growing up in this magnificent Desert country called Namibia. Both my father and grandfather worked for Nature Conservation throughout Southern Africa and passed down a lot of their knowledge, wisdom and passion for nature and this desert environment with me, each time we went out camping, hiking or traveling into the unknown hidden locations of Namibia. As a young boy I loved playing outdoors, exploring all caves, hills, climbing trees and any mountain I could possible find, always out looking for a new adventure or challenge to conquer no matter how impossible it seemed. Sometimes I wonder how my mother managed to control my wild adventure spirit and still get me to focus on school work. The adventure seeking passion just grew stronger over the years and led my heart to pursue adventure sports. I have gained various professional qualifications and over fourteen years of experience in many different adventure sports from rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, skydiving, kayaking, caving, trail running and many more. In turn I have been working as a tour guide for close to 8 years through these different sports where ever the opportunities arouse. I have had the privilege of growing up in Namibia and from a young age loved being outdoors to explore this incredible desert country. 

All of this in turn lead to my deep passion for the outdoors, nature and sense of adventure, now it is my privilege to guide people through our magnificent country so that you in turn can experience the amazing uncharted hidden locations and learn some of the secrets about what makes this desert country so unique and help you enjoy the journey of a life time, for each Adventure is actually just a element of the amazing journey of life where all strangers are just amazing friends you have not yet met and enjoy theses priceless moments and memories with. Looking forwards to meeting you, getting to know what your passions are and build another amazing life long friendship

For more information, questions or quotes please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Email me at: or give me a call +264 81 57 66 278